We present a recently implemented new project - armoured Mercedes Sprinter in the VIP version. The vehicle not only meets the requirements for ballistic safety, but it is also a beautiful and luxurious vehicle, ensuring the highest travel comfort.
This car is a result of the work of our constructors, designers and our nearly 30 years of experience in the production of special and armoured cars.
Over the years of our activity, we have developed standards of cooperation with clients, thanks to which we thoroughly understand their needs, keep in mind valuable tips and apply them in our work. Thanks to this, our vehicles are always tailored to the needs of
every, even the most demanding client.

• B6 class armour
• Reinforced suspension
• Reinforced hinges on side and rear doors
• Engine compartment armour
• Window lifters
• Alarm siren
• Car alarm + Immobilizer
• Protected fuel tank
• Central door locking
• Beacon -Magcode connector
• Fire extinguisher - GLORIA engine compartment
• VIP version with a decorative panel
• Soundproofing and muffling the interior with light materials
• Bar
• Spot lighting
• USB and 230 V located in storage compartments next to the seats
• LED night light (orange / red)
• Soundproofing and muffling the interior with light materials.

The B6 armour level protects against the 7.62 x 51 rifle with a standard bullet and the very popular AK47 with a steel core. B6 class
armour covers a transparent and opaque surface of the vehicle body, protecting passengers and luggage space.

1. Body armour covers the driver's cabin and passenger compartment (with doors, roof and side walls) without visible armour
elements, meeting the requirements of the CEN B6 class standard and the standards of lower classes
2. Car floor made of explosion-proof materials that meets the requirements of the minimum CEN B 6 class (resistant to the
explosion of two DM 51 grenades per m2)
3. Armoured glass, CEN B6 class
4. Run-flat system wheels
5. Fire protection system for the engine compartment and all wheels of the car
6. Passenger compartment equipped with an emergency exit located on the car roof with the possibility of opening from the inside
and outside.
7. Explosion-proof fuel tank with a filling unit.
The armour is made of the highest quality materials from renowned manufacturers.

Capacity: 2.987 ccm
Power: 140 kW (190 KM)
Fuel: Gasoline
Fuel consumption:
10.2 l / 100 km (combined) *
13.1 l / 100km (city) *
8.5 l / 100km (outside the city) *
CO₂ emissions 270 g / km (combined cycle) *
Automatic gearbox
Emission class: Euro 6
Air conditioning: automatic
Parking sensors
Passenger airbags
Driver airbag
Colour: Black metallic
Interior: leather, VIP equipment