Special Armored Vehicle (SAV) TIGER "GUNNER" VPK 233136 "GUNNER" VIP Edition in CEN B6 (GOST class 5) and STANAG 4569, level I-II, 2019-2020 YP.
The SAV TIGER is fitted with various additional equipment and safety options while for a car in a standard configuration this is possible for extra money.This special armored vehicle is offered in LHD and RHD versions with a manual and automatic transmissions.
The LHD 5-doors SAV TIGER (3-doors hull is tandard) is built on standard chassis with handcrafted exclusive interior.The RHD SAV TIGER is available also. The SAV TIGER is designed for transportation of VVIPs on hard-surface roads and all kinds of terrains, for installation and carrying various types of special equipment providing necessary level of protection against small arms bullets, mines and fragments of projectiles and IED (improvised explosive devices). 
The SAV TIGER has B6 protection level according to the European standard EN 1063 (BR6), level I-II protection according STANAG 4569, Level III according NIJ 0108.01 and class 5 according to Russian GOST R 50963-96 standard.
The civilian SAV TIGER is available in the different body versions upon request.
Price and specification - On request via e-mail: